Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Practical dating advice for 21st century teens

The 21st century presents a host of problems for dating teens, which weren't quite so difficult back in the day of Mrs. Cleaver, et al. First, parents had their iron fist firmly around all aspects of teen dating, with a list of rules as long as Mrs. Manner's proscriptions on etiquette. Times have certainly changed! Today, hardly a member of the household has
a schedule that matches up with anyone else's – after school events, work schedules and single diners at the dinner table leaves Mom little time to be monitoring who's going where and when. When it comes to dating advice for teens, she's probably a little more lax than Mrs. Cleaver. This doesn't mean she doesn't have some excellent dating advice for teens, it just means each dating teen is given more individualized advice, as it pertains to each child.

If your household is full of dating teens, it can be difficult to keep a handle on everything, so here we give some generic dating advice for teens, written for teens. Hopefully, you'll find some of this advice to be useful and give you some ideas on particulars you might want to go over with your parents, that suit your individual situations.

You don't need me to tell you that you're in the 'raging hormone' stage, although you may not be aware of some of the implications and consequences. For example, you girls may fly into a rage at Mom, essentially over nothing. This can also extend to other family members, as well as your date. The point is, you know that you're not entirely rational sometimes. Most of the time, the irrationality is fairly temporary and good feelings can be restored in short order. However, sometimes this snowballs into a spate of rebellious behavior, which you're ill-equipped to control. This is where trouble can brew, for you and your parents.

This rebellious attitude often spills over into manner of dress (one Mom & Dad will definitely find fault with), disregard for the rules, such as when to be home and going out with that 'bad' boy or girl just to show who's in control. While understandable, from a hormonal perspective, it sure can land you in a lot more trouble than you bargained for. If this has happened to you, take this piece of dating advice for teens to heart. This is exactly the sort of thing you want to talk to your Mom or Dad about. Ha, you say! No, really, old as they may look, they were teens once too.

When you talk to your parents about your issues with dating advice for teens, you should be frank and honest. Ask them about what they think are good dating practices, about clothes and makeup, what they consider to be promoting unsafe situations and what sort of places they would avoid and why. Yes, they may have a few gray hairs, but they too have been forced into the 21st century as well.

Having a discussion of this sort with your parents (or parent) will show them that you are growing up and showing responsibility, as well as having respect for their opinions. You may be quite surprised to find they have some great dating advice for teens – workable solutions and sound advice from which you'll all benefit. After all, they love you more than anybody in the world!

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